Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Man (grace)Fully Aged

stars in his eyes
as he stares at
a world of delicacy
and possibility

*opening sidenote: he might have stars in his eyes, but the rest of him looks a dead ringer for Lane Pryce, the Brit enjoying the wild west life at SCDP in Mad Men*
As it should be with something as individual as a birthday, several stand more important than others. And while a few have well established cultural milestones attached to them, I find importance in my personal reactions to each new tally mark added behind my name. These reactions are often slow to grow and usually do not have any connection to that god-awful question, "Well, do you feel any older?" I find that question god-awful now for a new reason: I do feel a little older. Wisdom, contentment, an established sense of self? Possibly, but I also can't shake the feeling that I hear a chorus of the words 'creaky, used to, and tired' working into an unwelcome crescendo.
Birthdays can also be something else, something A Man fully endorses: A substitute New Years. A clean slate and therefore finally a chance to put all those, "I really should," and "I've got to start," blusterings into practice. I've been blessed to have most of this past year include a great relationship with a fantastic girlfriend, and she has been able to give me some of those little tools that help a fresh start.
With all of this in mind, birthdays are really all about being a kid and enjoying the spotlight. Cake and ice cream and presents? No matter the age of the surrounding body and mind, the inner child stays the same. And that's what I'm celebrating today. How, you ask? With this:

And while that may please my inner child, I still have to see the reflection in the mirror. So I'm off for a run! Wearing my new kicks (Thanks Babe!)

Here's to hoping you find a day to take the first steps toward what you hope and dream about (Not a bad wish for birthday candles actually...),
A Man

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

An Anticipation

A long time in between posts, sometimes the gentle prompting of a good woman is what is necessary. Anyway, this past week plus has been full of anticipation. This weekend I am taking a starring role as "Tall Groomsman" in the production of Jordan and Abbie's Wedding. It will be the first time I've been part of a wedding party, and I'm looking forward to dressing to the nines and dancing with my girl Jessica. It has been hard work to keep our relationship out of difficulties that would raise nary an eye for couples in the area. But hey, I won't complain. My girl is doing well in L.A. and I am proud of her ability to do so well so far away. The weekend will be great to spend some QT with Jessica and to share our first time in the 'ville together as a couple. We are stopping by on the way from KC to Hannibal for the night. Hopefully the craziness will be kept to a reasonable level. As for the wedding, it will be a good to re-connect with friends and to see a very good couple tie the knot. I still remember Clay and I marveling over Jordan's way of chatting up Abbie, but I should have known something was up with him insisting on a night out.
Coming around to maybe something fitting in with the taste part of this blog, Jordan assured me that the tuxes will be real "James Bond like." I can only imagine that he is thinking Connery at his apex:

and not Roger Moore bringing up the rear:

However it turns out, it promises to be a great weekend worth the anticipation.
Steadfast in promising not another long wait,
A Man

Friday, March 12, 2010

A Man Abroad

Hopefully this post will be the first drops of a deluge of words to follow. I am currently on a trip, a vacation, surely of a lifetime. Living it up in L.A. Basking in the somewhat sun and enjoying my time with my girl Jessica. A few notes to do some organizing:
- A Man of Wealth and Taste, the Masthead of this publication, is obviously a reference to a lyric by two of my favorites, Mick and Keith. The Glimmer Twins. The hips and lips that lead The Rolling Stones. From Sympathy for the Devil, a perfect song, if only for a title of which every writer is jealous.
** FUN ASIDE ** Saying writers being involved with the title and the lyrics is ripe for fun facts, as Mick Jagger seemed to draw inspiration and words from M. Bulgakov's The Master and Margarita, a Great Read that has the Devil, witches, a talking cat, and a magic show. So, obviously, it could only be written by a Russian.

A Man covers . . . . . Correspondence
- with what you've read so far, some direction will definitely be necessary, so onward to the core of this post.

Today's life is full. Everything takes bites out of day, and with all of that, free time usually is pushed toward the quickest pleasure. Spending time to catch up with friends past and present is the only way to remain fully involved. And while some friends may fade in terms of closeness and amount of contact, A Man always finds the time for Correspondence. A Man has taste, but he neither shuns nor clings to the past. He is not Victorian, yet he knows the supreme class that comes with a handwritten note. And he is not a Futurist, yet he understands that email, instant messaging and technology is only the tool and the words and thoughts he shares are the medium by which he is judged.
As for additional reasons for today's lesson, A Man understands his fallibility. His memories fade and he might place a significance on his current surroundings over the past. Old friends not only can renew those memories and clarify the past, those memories bring with them the ability to see a life of growth. A Man does not begin fully formed and polished. You will be surprised, both positively and negatively with who you were. But old friends do not exist in the past; these people have grown and acquired new experiences like you. Talk! Converse! Learn of the presents for those that colored your past. Covering your friends of the present, find a new medium. People exist in realms today that box in their lives and personalities. Each person may cover a range of boxes, but go beyond. Write a letter to a coworker, maybe include an invitation for Correspondence in a new setting. Getting to know your friends in many boxes will help you to better understand them, and importantly, let them see you as a complete Man of Wealth and Taste.
One question to ponder: Does a lack of Correspondence tarnish a shared past? For A Man, this answer is a yes. You are not a man that lives in only one tense. Don't be held in a frozen form for past friends. Stay in touch, stay connected, and show that your time and interests together were not solely based on being in close proximity.
Until next time,
A Man

Monday, February 22, 2010

An Introduction

To begin, this blog is surely not about me. My material wealth is negligible and my taste in areas such as fashion, entertainment, or demeanor having any pretense of pretentiousness would be undercut by open embarrassments such as ripped jeans, Tremors, and Geno's.

This blog will hopefully allow me to post thoughts and interests, links to things that catch my eye, and generally share myself.
Welcome and enjoy!